David Bolinsky Process

Script to screen

The production pipeline

We take your entire project from “concept to copyright” completing every production component from concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, model and scene-building, animatic tests, animation rendering/compositing, programming, voiceover, sound effects and music composition/sourcing to the final edit of your master. We work comfortably with other creatives to blend their content into our production, whether live action footage or adapting to an existing script.

Data handling

All data is archived daily using a redundant RAID configuration on site and site-independent cloud storage. After project completion all work is archived on site-independent cloud storage.


  • We identify your major concepts and develop a coherent, audience-specific audiovisual story-arc
  • We review your content needs, from researching technical and scientific background specifics, interviewing your content specialists and including your juried journal articles (plus our search as needed) for use as vetted references
  • Audience-specific script development - timed precisely at 120 words per screen minute
  • Storyboard development - the least expensive changes and experimentation occur here
  • Recording your choice among a variety of professional voiceover artists for a timed voice-track
  • Animatic motion tests over scratch track to proof visual story flow and clarity before the expense of rendering


  • Modeling, texture creation, scene & lighting design
  • Character sheets, rigging, motion/interaction planning
  • Animation/compositing


  • Music composition & sound design
  • Final editing & delivery

Please contact me directly at david@e-mersionstudio.com for detailed information on our pre-production pipeline, project development, research and review process, production scheduling, script development, storyboard generation, voiceover actors and recording studio, original music composition, animatic build, animation, post-production, editing and delivery. Rights management varies per agreement.