David Bolinsky Portfolio



Emersionist Sample Reel

Harvard University 'The Inner Life of the Cell'

Oxford University Press 'Neuroplasticity' (Emersionist)

Oxford University Press 'Vision' (Emersionist)

Oxford University Press 'Auditory' (Emersionist)

Skin Silence Aging (Emersionist)

Photo Aging of Skin (Emersionist)

Skinscience Glossary (Emersionist)

Triptofanito (Galante; Emersionist)

Nativis Voyager (Emersionist)

Oncosec (Emersionist)

Estée Lauder Clinique Dark Spot Remover (Emersionist)

Liver Fly-through (Emersionist)

NPR 'Flu Attack! How a Virus Invades Your Body' (animation courtesy of XVIVO)

TED 'Visualizing the Wonder of a Living Cell'

Simulation Interview

Illustrations & Other Projects

Association of Medical Illustrators Sourcebook