David Bolinsky Awards

Awards and testimonials


American Journal of Nursing Media Festival: First Place

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI): New Media Members’ Choice Award; Award of Excellence for Animation; First Place, Outstanding Example of Animation; First Place in Animation; First Place in Computer Graphics; First Place in Computer Generated Art; Certificate of Merit in Animation; Certificate of Merit

Journal of Biocommunication: First Place AMI Salon Award

White House News Photographers Association: 2010 Eyes of History New Media Contest; Multimedia Innovation: Second Place

American Medical Student Association/EATON Medical Art Award: First Place

The Association of Visual Communicators Gold Award

Cindy Silver Award

Cindy Award of Special Achievement

International Film & TV Festival of New York Gold Award

New Media Invision Multimedia Award of Merit

Rx Club: Gold Video Award of Excellence; Silver Video Award of Excellence; Video Award of Excellence; Award of Excellence for Illustration

Society for Technical Communication Award of Excellence

Telly Awards Bronze Winner: Finalist

Time Inc Health Freddie Awards: Finalist


from Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow Recommendation

from teachers and professors

“Wonderful way to teach and to really learn/understand. David is the Frank Netter of the microscopic world of the body. Thanks for doing and for sharing. Now to get my chin up off my chest…” (C. V. I.)

“I am using this video in my grade 7 Life Science class to enhance students’ understanding of cell structure and function… this video makes me happy and not worry that graphics makes science simplistic and deprives students of using their own minds and imaginations.” (G. C.)

“… I showed this to some 6th – 10th graders in my bio class… and they were blown away… ‘Goodbye’, cheesy, educational film clips and ‘Hello!’ computer-age, CGI ribosomes and ‘walking proteins’!” (L. M.)

from students

“Wonderful animations. I got so inspired by this video that I started to study biotechnology, and I am now two years in on my education to become a civil engineer in biotech. Thanks for the inspiration, David!” (L. P.)

“As a student at the school of biological sciences at ‘The University of Queensland’, I always love to watch and re-watch these videos to give me perspective. Thank you for creating them.” (L. M.)

“If school was like this talk, learning would be easy. Incredibly captivating.” (M. B.)

“Making science visualized is the best way to learn science, I think. Sometimes we may find that subjects like physics and biology are boring because we have to learn so many theories and formulas. But just now I’ve had a REAL biology class.” (M. G.)

“Wow! I got chills watching this… amazing work! It is so much more helpful for those of us who are visual learners and in the process of studying biology to understand what’s going on when we can see it in action! I hope this type of work is integrated into all biological training in the future, imagine the possibilities!” (N. L.)

“This is amazing work with endless possibilities. It packs with a punch. How many times have we heard that ‘your body is a fine tuned machine.’ This type of animation should be made available for all starting with our youth in schools before bad lifestyle habits are formed. It’s not enough to read or hear it, people need to see it.” (R. M.)

“The amazing beauty of our inner workings are so artfully interpreted and illustrated in this video. If ever there should be free online info available to the world this should be part of it ... because education like this could change the world. And then I’d get to see them too. My right brain thanks you, David Bolinsky.” (L. M.)

“Mr. David has unfurled the ultimate beauty of nature hidden within us… Something every human ought to watch and admire!” (K. U.)

“Awesome animation David, congratulations to you and your team… Da Vinci would have loved it.” (M. P.)

“I hope that this is only the tip of the iceberg we will soon see from David and his team." (N. B.)