david bolinsky

Our studio crafts compelling, award-winning visuals to elucidate medical and scientific discoveries.

We create medical illustrations, 3D medical animations, animated scientific educational videos, interactive learning and Augmented Reality (AR) projects. We bring complex time-and-motion-dependent concepts to life. Whether your project is a Pharmaceutical Mechanism of Action (MOA), groundbreaking biological process or state-of-the-art surgical device, we make the result memorable, exciting and teachable.

Just as David Bolinsky did for Harvard, as Medical Director of ‘The Inner Life of the Cell’, we incorporate the latest advances in technical biological visualization to advance your story, whether teaching medical professionals clinically relevant advances or engaging middle and high school students with accurate, imagination-expanding simulations in a classroom or museum.

Master Medical Illustrator/Animator Bolinsky is sought after to lecture, teach and consult about visual solutions in health and science at TED, TEDMED, Exponential Medicine, Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Universities and Conferences worldwide.